Born in Taipei


Graduated from Taipei First Girls' High School.


Graduated from the Fine Art Department, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taiwan.


Master of the Art Theory Division, Fine Art Institute, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan.


Resigned from full-time teaching job from Taipei Municipal Song-Shan Senior High School.
Resided in Stuttgart, Germany; traveled in Europe & America for creative painting.
Published “The Aesthetic Significance of Zhuang-tze's Thoughts” by publisher Taipei Student book Co. Ltd.


Held ten solo exhibitions; Published 4 painting albums.


Partime lecturer in Taipei Fu Jen Catholic University.


Solo exhibition "Nature and In Nature" at Pacific Cultural Foundation Art Center, Taipei.


Held solo exhibition, Taipei new city Gallery ; Published "The Meaning of Sketching in the View of Zhuang-tze's Contemplation" Taipei Yi-Fong Tang Publisher.


Painted Two children's picture story books, "Dulan Mountain Legend", "Clouded Leopard & Black Bear", published by Taidong County Cultural Foundation.


"In the Courtyard" Solo Exhibition, Celebrity Gallery, City Government Building, Taipei.


"Sit and Observation, In the Courtyard" Watercolor Painting Exhibition, Pacific Cultural Foundation, Taipei.


In March, Move away from the former residence with courtyard to rebuild her home and studio in New Taipei City. Resident artist in Taipei Municipal University of Education (TMUE)


Solo oil painting exhibition of resident artist in Taipei Municipal University of Education (TMUE).
Assistant professor of the Graduate Institute of Visual Art (TMUE), Taipei.


"Courtyard & Still Life" painting series solo exhibition, Taipei Cathay Gallery.
"Courtyard & Still Life" painting series solo exhibition in Chendu, Sichuan Museum.


Invited to the Washington, DC "Twin Oaks" National Register of Historic Places( NRHP) solo exhibition.
Invited to the Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei Asia Art Center, Taipei Cathay Gallery.
"Unfettered Heart" new works solo exhibition, Taipei Asia Art Center.


In August, "Windows • Tranquility • Light and Shadow - Ni Zaiqin & Dong Shaw-hui 2014 Double Solo Exhibition", Taipei Cathay Gallery.
Invited to the Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei Asia Art Center & Taipei Cathay Gallery.


In March, Medical examination found serious illness, creative process all stopped, began a medical period of nearly a year, causing a great blow to her.
Still try to draw the brush, but cannot make it. So with a pencil to copy a book word by word, trying to get back the feeling of her fingers.
In Nevember, Invited to the Taipei International Art Fair, Water Color & Drawing, Caves Art Center, Taipei


In spring, Pick up the brush again, and gradually recover the lost creative ability and keen sense. There is a different view of her life.
In September, Invited to "Pre-Modern Style:Contemporary Drawing Sampling Exhibition" display the Courtyard sketch series works, Taichung Moon Gallery.
Start to build the large six screens of the courtyard theme works "Day and Night, the Endless Circle in Courtyard".


In January, "Solo Exhibition of 2017 New Year•The One -Land of Retreat Wellness", Hsinchu, organized by Dongli Gallery

In Nevember, "In Courtyard, Recollecting Precious Moments of Life" solo exhibition, More than 250 pieces of works are displayed ,National Gallery of History Museum, Taipei.


In October, Invited to Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei Asia Art Center, Display the large double screen "Crape Myrtle Flowers in Summer Courtyard I-II"


In May, started making the prints of Courtyard series.

In October, "Deep Emotions in Courtyard-the Collection Exhibition in 2019 of Dong Shaw-hui's Works" , Taipei Dongli Gallery.

In October, Display new works in Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei Asia Art Center, Taipei Dongli Gallery.


making two prints of the still life of black & white Table series:“Grace- the Camellia”, “Two Sisters-Pink Camellia”

In October, Display water color new works 12 components “Dawn and Twilight of the Plantains in the Courtyard” in Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei Asia Art Center.


In May, exhibited abstract work components including “The Old Courtyard- Happy Flowerbed I-II”, “The Old Courtyard-Moss on Stone Steps”, “The Old Courtyard-Unlimited Vitality in Nature I-II” , Taipei Asia Art Center.


In March, exhibited four new works at Art Basel Hong Kong, Taipei Asia Art Center, including " The Golden Days in Courtyard", "Tao Yuanming's Poetry - Chrysanthemum", "2022 Blessing - Wishing Vine","Wang Wei's Poetry -Pink Camellia ". It presents an oriental tranquil style different from the mainstream of contemporary art circles.

In July, exhibited new works at Tokyo Gendai Art Fair,Taipei Asia Art Center, including " A Sunny Day- Red Camellia", " A Peaceful Day-Pink Camellia", " Plum blossoms in Courtyard I-II".